Fastening systems offered by Gouttières SD Eavestroughs

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The strength and durability of your eavestroughs is a function of the reliability of the fastening system used to attach them to your home. There are various types of fasteners for eavestroughs.

  1. No fastening system can prevent the formation of ice on homes that are not properly insulated or ventilated.
    However, T-Rex continuous hanger prevents damage to your eavestroughs caused by problems related to the weight and expansion of ice.

  2. Alu-Rex recommends that any ladder should be firmly secured at the base and at the top.

  3. In most cases, the wind blows debris off the T-Rex continuous hanger surface. When this doesn't happen, simply brush off the T-Rex continuous hanger surface. Please note that, even if the surface is covered with debris, water can get through and into the eavestrough without overflowing.
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