Problems associated with traditonal eavestroughs

Problems with eavestroughs that do not have a protection system

Are your eavestroughs in bad shape? Does leaning a ladder on them cause damage?

This can affect the appearance of your home and cause possible safety risks. All of these problems can be avoided.

When your eavestroughs are clogged, water can overflow and seep in between the eavestrough and

the fascia board.

In time, the fascia board will rot, which will affect the structure of your home.

Are your eavestroughs too weak? Can they support the weight of debris, water or snow?

If this is the case, your eavestroughs will no longer be functional. It becomes worrisome.

Are you constantly maintaining your eavestroughs? This is an unpleasant chore that takes up too much

of your time.

There are better ways to spend your free time!

Are your eavestroughs no longer functioning? Are they completely clogged? Stagnant and dirty water is a prime breeding ground for mosquitos, which may carry the West Nile virus.

Eliminate the collection of debris in your eavestroughs, and protect your family’s health.

Are your eavestroughs completely clogged? Are they not cleaned regularly?

Install Alu-Rex products, and protect the value of your home, because clogged eavestroughs are worse than no eavestroughs at all.

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